I love my home state to death. And sure politicians make illogical laws all the time ( one of the Carolinas has a law saying you can’t use science to prove global warming… I’d love to ask the governor if he remembers the scientific method from grade school. But I digress. ) but as a woman this makes me sick to my stomach. How can you legally be in a state that biologically can’t be proven. Are they going to take all pregnancy tests off the shelves at Walgreens, because you don’t need these, silly girl, you’re already pregnant.

The law says you’re pregnant two weeks before the first cell divides. The law says you’re pregnant before you can say no. No need to use a condom, bitch is pregnant anyways!

I can feel my bile rising from my stomach. I hope the state’s courts are smarter than this and overturn this garbage, it doesn’t need to get to SCOTUS.

Dammit, why are Arizonians so inept at voting?

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    As Rachel Maddow stated a while back — this is a move for the states to be sued so this will go up to the Supreme Court.
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